Feature - Online Assessments Portal - %100 Remake

I’ll try to describe here the list of changes we want to make on the OA functionality:

  • bulk actions on the items tab , for example if i want to “block” multiple items , or force a different answer.

  • provide items with tags or custom fields that can be used on the main portal (by the auditor) or on the backend to classify items (answered, not answered, missing evidence, etc).

  • we need a setting that allows the auditor to define “Results” for each OA (title) and then attach that result to the OA.

this can then be used for charts and pivot tables on the third party section (organisation) to show which suppliers got how many of each type.

  • define a “deadline” on all OAs , this is mandatory and is from this date (if scheduled is not defined) that notifications about trigger.

if scheduled is enabled, then this date is disabled and the end date of the scheduled is used instead.

  • When an auditee “submits” an OA the OA should not change to status “Stop”

because this will stop the portal from working, if the auditor has questions he/she wont be able to make them as the portal will be stopped. just change the status to “Submitted” but dont stop it.

  • The OA notification that triggers against the scheduled “End Date” needs positive dates too

the warning notification now seems to only include dates in the past, we need the same dates in the future that will only trigger if the OA is in status “Start”.

  • Auditor can access to OAs even if they are “stopped” , this is not the case now. If the OA is stopped and the auditor wants to login to the OA portal is not shown to them, only if they “start” it.

  • When you “block” a question give the option to stop showing the item to the auditee … if that is the case then update the top counter. this would be helpful to make it easier for the auditee to know what question is missing without having to go trough all of them.

  • at the items tab, we need to add to the filter the option to describe the auditee or the auditor … this would allow you to make a filter that says “give me all the questions i need to review” (this works good for multiple-member teams)

  • add in this menu the option to create a finding, now the finding is shown on the OA tab alone

  • We seem to be missing tags on findings section for adding a new one

  • Every time a findings is created or closed send a notification, have custom fields enabled

  • Use the portal to manage findings, where comments and attachments can be included

  • On the findings notifications we miss the portal url

  • Add custom fields

  • We would also like to add our T&Cs and Privacy notices onto the Vendor portal

Ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/1336

1/ create user accounts for the people i want to get responses using OA

The notification on system / settings / user management for newly created users does not have a URL macro for the online assessment portal and acccount review portal, without this you cant reset the password of the user (because the user was granted only access to the online assesment portal, no to the main portal)

2/ prepare the CSV for the online assessment

select more than one option on the drop down
they wanted conditionals, if one answer is replied with a given answer then the other question is not needed

3/ setup notifications , we setup all of them

daily digest email with all comments and attachments rather than mail per comment and attachment
update notification for scheduled start to trigger as well against the start date, it does not trigger if the OA is already started.
notification that warns about deadline needs positive days too
the name of the notification for the scheduled start is a bit cryptic … lets use something easier.

4/ portal must use rich html so users can define this content, no scripting must be allowed of course.

5/ the start and stop dates become mandatory, this is so notifications with deadlines work all the time (so as long they are configured)

the soonest start date is “tomorrow” , but the user can anyway override this and start it right away. there should be an option that when the deadline is due the OA does not “stop” automatically.

Automatically Stop OA on Deadline (default disabled)
When enabled, this option will automatically stop the OA on that date and access will no longer be possible for the audits.

6/ rename this to “OA Status”

7/ When we start the OA email goes out OK and the user logs into the portal , the portal needs upgrades.

if OA has only one chapter, make the portal cleaner
change “Blocked” for “Completed” … this is because there is a difference in between “Answered” and “Completed” question. An Auditee can “Answer” a question with garbage and is the back and forward of comments and attachments that clarify their answer … once that is done the answer can be set to “Completed” by the auditor (today we call that “Blocked”)

we also miss the inline edit to quickly swap a question from compelted to not completed

we miss the child counter of “Findings” for each question ,with the shortcut and the “add new” option

we need to highlight on the portal when a finding has unseen comments and attachments
the OA can not be manually “Stopped” if there are “Open” findings without a warning. If you stop the portal then the auditee can no longer provide feedback for the findings! If it is scheduled stop then stop it, but not manually.

One day of work the portal is starting to look different, shortcut filters and easier to know when someone has unseen comments, attachments , findings , etc

in two weeks we should with a little bit of luck have this completed