Question - Online Assessments - Publish portal to external paries

What is the best practice for publishing the Online Assessment portal to external third party suppliers that are not on your network. Should the OA portal be reverse proxied, or is there another method to publish portal to those not on your network?

we’ve seen a bit of a mix of the following solutions:

  • customer publishes eramba online (with or without a proxy)
  • customer purchases an additional license for online assessments alone, i personally would not buy an additional (unless you can afford it) and use instead the testing license … but of course only if you are already very used to the software and need little or no testing.

bare in mind a LARGE update is planned for the OA functionality, we plan to start working on it towards the end of next week for a month or so: Feature - Online Assessments Portal - %100 Remake

Great thanks for the feedback. I think we will go down the reverse proxy route using ADFS. I was just wondering what the recommended practice was for this.