Feature - Outlook and logo in email notifications

The following are a few tips to help people get Outlook to display logos in email notifications correctly.


Here are a few problem I ran into when using Eramba and Outlook both in their default configurations.

  • Outlook will not automatically download images by default as a privacy measure.
  • Outlook cannot render SVG images, but it also can’t communicate this to the end-user.
  • Outlook does not handle embedded CSS styles very well.


  1. Convert the standard Eramba logo from an SVG to a PNG. I used Inkscape, and exported the image using a resolution of 360x60. This is large enough to appear crisp even on 4k screens.
  2. Outlook will automatically download images if the URL is listed in Internet Explorer’s “Trusted Sites” zone. Open the Windows “Internet Options” window to find this.
  3. Eramba’s HTML email template applies CSS stylings to the logo, but Outlook does not use them correctly. As a result, the logo will not scale correctly. To fix this, you need to make a small edit to Eramba’s template. See below.

To edit the email template for step 3 above, modify “templates/layout/email/html/default.php”. Find the HTML tag describing the logo, and modify it as follows:


<img src="<?= $this->Logo->url() ?>" alt="Eramba" style="max-width: 180px; line-height: 100%; outline: none; border: 0; text-decoration: none; height: auto;">


<img src="<?= $this->Logo->url() ?>" alt="Eramba" width="180" height="30" style="line-height: 100%; outline: none; border: 0; text-decoration: none;">

i really liked your post, i like technical people describing a problem and a solution. in our experience is more and more rare to find this attitude in community projects. so kudos here.

now this is not ok.

our TCs do not allow modifications. so please put that back and lets use this opportunity to remind people that this is simply not allowed.

you can describe the bug and the solution , it will be up to the core team to correct and re-distribute the code and its fixes.