Feature - Pivot Table on Filters

Imagine you want to list the list of assets and the number of risks associated with them, today you can list the risks associated with them but not the “counter”.

  • go to asset identification module
  • edit filter, add the risk name field and make sure is shown as column

and you get this:

but say you want to get the counter of risks , not the list of risks (as labels as we have now) … we need on the filters an option that allows us to show items as counter nor just names.

So we need to let users define for every multiple select filter (MS) on any filter on any section on the show in column a dropdown that lets them choose WHAT they want to see on the column, options are:

  • Item Name/Value (basically show the same we show now)
  • Counter

When the filter is shown with the counter , the column header you have the “Count” appended to the original name … “Account Review Pull (Count)” instead of just “Account Review Pull”. Also the number shown must be a link to the items !!

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2407

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How many risks has an asset associated? Pivot tables in use ! … also a dynamic status that triggers when the related count of risks for an asset is zero.

many many ways to use these features

Interesting feature.

Can you show some “wiring”-screenshots on how this looks in the configuration?

hallo Bjorn,

was meinst du “wiriing”??


I mean: How is this filter and dynamic Status configured, some screenshot of the configuration itself would be nice.

Pivot columns count things, is for the purpose of showing numbers not items.

Dynamic status have functions that “count” related items and also “count” (in terms of percentage) related items based on their “status”.

So they are “related” i guess?

nice example of pivot options to count related risks on the business unit module