Feature - policy actual date review

I try to make an up-to-date automatic register of ISMS policies, but unfortunately it is not possible to add such an important document field for the auditor/client as the “document revision date”.
In the report, I can display the date of publication, I can display the date of the next revision. But to show the last revision - no.

If the report is made through the “Reviews” filter, then lines for unpublished documents are also pulled out there. This does not fit.

Maybe it will be possible to pull up this field in the filter?

I think a few more details are needed to figure out exactly what you’re trying to do.

If you are trying to make a filter from the Security Policies module, you are correct in that it does not appear to offer that field as a systemically calculated one. The short term fix here would be to add a custom field for last review date on the Policy screen, then as one of your “complete a review steps”, you’d update that field on the policy side. (No, not exactly ideal…).

If you’re running the filter from the Security Policy → Reviews screen, I assume you’re already filtering for only “Current” reviews. Since the published date/other fields aren’t available there, you’ll want to look at a couple of procedural options for making the filter only show published. For example, if you set the version number to 0 for every unpublished policy, you can exclude those from the Reviews filter (or, less than 1, or whatever floats your boat). Another option would be making a separate document type (i.e. Unpublished), and filtering those out of the Reviews filter (though, you’d have to reset the document type when it becomes published).

Are those the sorts of workarounds that would fix the issue?

Great idea! It’s work. Thank you!