Feature - Policy Description on filters


Our client is using the Policy section in order to mange all the standards of the company. In this sense he is using the “Title” as “code” and de “Short Description” as “name”.

The “problem” is that when we relate this standards to controls we can see just the “Title” on the filter. Should it be possible to add more attributes from the policy to the filters (ie. Short Description, Description…)


Devil’s advocate thought here -

That’s a long short description, and when you have multiple policies/standards associated to a single control, that’s going to be a very ugly report. Same for the other way around when reporting out of the Security Policies section. What is the client trying to accomplish with that view?

What if… You used a custom field to capture the code in a custom field, then used title for the friendly name of the policy document? In this example, your title might be “Third Party Contract Requirements” which would look a lot cleaner on the filter/report side…

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i think this is what needs fixing, not filter options !