Feature - Policy Notification Confirmation

Hi Guys

Another nifty feature you could use with the policy notification is that users must accept that the have read and understood the policy. Eramba could then keep pestering individuals until they finally accept the new policy. You could then run stats and reports against who has not accepted new policies.


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Any news on this topic? We are also experiencing the need of having users to confirm that they read and understood the policies. Additionally to notify the users if the policy has been updated.

Did you find another way to accomplish this?

a standard warning notification to either of the roles should be enough, the acknowledgement would be stored as comments and attachments.

1- decide when you want people to ack , based on this create a warning notification sent to one of the custom roles (you will need a group there with the people you want to get ack from)
2- people receives email
3- they click and ack the policy

the issue with this is you dont know if someone ignored your email … for that you need to use the awareness functionality.

Thank you for the reply. We will investigate if this is sufficient for us. Are there any plans on integrating a direct awareness program on the security policies?

eramba does not have the content of the policies, how would then eramba display content to users? maybe im not following you well im sorry if that is the case