Feature - Policy Types (planned for r46)

Today when you create a policy you need to somehow fit them as a: policy, procedure or standard.

We need to let user define this setting under “Setttings” (policy management) where these three are forced / hard coded and additional can be created. The drop down remains single select!

This has consequences:

  • In many sections we set one field per policy type, we need to unify all those in one field.

    • /risks (treatment and containment tabs)
    • /thirdPartyRisks (treatment and containment tabs)
    • /businessContinuities (treatment and containment tabs)
  • the policy portal has three columns, it needs to adjust to the number of “tags”

    • Warning: i think we can not fit more than 4 or 5 columns. Set a warning when more than 5 tags are created warning they might not all fit on the policy portal. we might need to later make a setting as to which tags you want to show on the policy portal, not now.