Feature - Policy "types" to be dynamic (implemented)

It would be nice to include another tab in the Policy Portal for Templates. This means you could follow a policy through from Policy to procedures and standards and then get any associated Templates or Request Forms all from the same place.

This would be very handy for us as well, we have a lot of word doc templates which we use as forms for clients to be able to request access to various resources, it would be great to have them all in the one place

Hey there,

I’m not entirely sure i follow here, you want a tab here:

that does what? what fields would it have?

shouldnt your templates be also defined as “Documents” as any other document?

Let me know!

It would be treated like all other documents if you just had in the drop down that either said something like Templates or Other Documents. It would be on the policy portal you would just have another heading like above

I see - so it seems we “just” need to add one more category … I was planning in making those three categories “dinamic” , meaning that the admin can choose their name or if they are visible or not…what you think?

Works perfectly for me :slight_smile:

oh, new feature? Beer in Eramba? :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening!

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if i could buy you guys a round … i’ll pay two!

Any update on this feature? This will be a welcome change. Thanks

Hi there!

This has been included a couple of months ago!

are you running the latest version?



I overlooked that one. I am able to generate my own document types now.