Feature - Portals and Authentication

Suggest to update all portals to allow for SAML/OAuth.
More and more businesses rely on Cloud enabled accounts (Google/AzureAD/Github etc).

since LDAP is not supported in cloud environments, without implementing makeshift workarounds, these modules are not available to organizations leveraging cloud identities.

Group memberships would most likely have to be maintained within eramba …

just a thought.

hello jonas!! our forum is reminding me you have been quiet for a long time!

all portals (except awareness which needs ldap to sync users) support ldap/saml … which one did not work for you?


Hey :slight_smile:

Yes i’ve had a few changes in jobs in the mean time - just started using eramba again for my new position.

The portals in question are the awareness and policy ones.
The solution is exposed to the internet so exposing policies without login is not an option - neither is LDAP unfortunately.

but it’s great to be back :wink:

Kind regards

Are there any plans to enable Oauth/SAML on Policy and awareness portals ?

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the awareness module must use ldap, no other way around as its deeply rooted in that technology. in the case of policy portal, when group authorization is not used on any of the policies it could use SAML…that requires a logic:

on system / settings / authentication / policy portal … you could only enable saml/oauth (as inherited from the main authentication) if no existing policy has “group authorization” as a setting, otherwise this option is simply not possible.

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2757
int ref: https://eramba.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/10534