Feature: Project linkage to Internal Control Audits improvement

I want to be able to link Projects to Internal Control Audits to provide task management for non-conformities, corrective actions and other improvements arising from a particular audit.

I understand this is possible using the Improve option in the burger menu for a particular Internal Control Audit record. However, this linkage seems only partially implemented in Eramba. The only place where the link is visible (other than the Improve form itself) is in the Internal Control Audit grid. The Manage Filter form for Internal Control Audits shows the Project Management module fields Project and Project Task and the Projects displayed are those linked via the child Improve form.

However, when trying to create a Dynamic Status to highlight which audits have open or expired (Improve) Projects, those are not available. Only Projects linked to the parent Internal Control.

A similar problem arises in the Projects module where the Manage Filter form does not show a tab for Internal Control Audits (Improve), but only the parent Internal Control, which is not appropriate for Audit (Improve) related projects.

Please make the following changes:

  1. Internal Control Audit grid Dynamic Status Configuration form to include to following “Related Status” to mirror those already available for Internal Controls:
    a. Internal Control Audits (Improve) - Project Ongoing
    b. Internal Control Audits (Improve) - Project Planned
    c. Internal Control Audits (Improve) - Project Expired
    d. Internal Control Audits (Improve) - Project Task Expired
  2. Project Management grid Manage Filter form to include a tab for Internal Control Audit field:
    a. Internal Control Audits - Internal Control
    b. Internal Control Audits - Planned Start (date)

Thank you. Creating an issue and it goes to our backlog.

Int. ref.: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/4665