Feature - Recovery Point Objective (due for r49/50)

Hi Guys,

Not sure if I have requested this one I couldn’t see it on here. In the business processes we capture the RTO and MTO. It would be good to be able to document the Recover Point Objective also. This means how much data we can afford to loose in the event of a BCP Incident.



You did and we put on the back of queue. the original issue was for us:


Let us think about it as we need to integrate it with filters, calculations, etc. I’ll send you an ETA later this week Barry.


+1 for capturing RPO. Our current Business Continuity plans include this, so would be good to not lose this as I’m transitioning our BC/DR information to Eramba.


Yep - we got it. Next monday we plan to make a release with many fixes, the week after will most likely get this and some other things also worked out.


Just curious on where RPO landed/if it’s still in the backlog to be added. I’m updating our BC plans and having this in Eramba would be useful. Especially if we could do it on a per-asset basis, and not just business process.

Goes along with this: Feature - Associate Assets with Business Processes. I should be able to map Business Unit to Business Process to Supporting Asset, and calculate RPO/RTO/MTO of each.



+1 I also would like to have RPO.

On Manage / Add Process we need to:

1/ correct the top header
2/ include RPO (not mandatory field)

Include a column on the index:

Include a field on Filters:

On Risk Management / Business Impact Analysis / Add (or edit) we need an RPO field:

This field is “disabled” and automatically takes the LOWEST of all processes.

In that secion we also need to add on the filters the RPO value

and on the PDF too.

This should be it ,right?


We wont be able to look at this for a couple of weeks, but better have the request documented and on the backlog.

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Any progress on this?