Feature - Reduce Dashboard Complexity by Honoring Access Lists or Ownership

Hi there,

We currently have an issue with users being overwhelmed with dashboard information that is not relevant to them. This could potentially be solved in a few ways:

  1. Use access lists to control the visibility of dashboard sections, much like they do menu items.
  2. Hide dashboard sections that do not apply to the user (e.g. not an owner, stakeholder, collaborator, etc.).

Are either of these possible?

hello there,

you refer to the “user” dashboard, right?

i tend to agree but is hard now to think how this could be built in a more user friendly … i think of graphs , actions lists … we’ll soon start to work on workflows so approvals ,etc should be there too.

tons of room for improvement, but we need to think it carefully and with a long term vision!!

the calendar gets fixed in the coming releases , but that is not “user”.

Yes correct. I don’t think it is unfriendly per se, but it shows information that may not apply to the user. For example, we have a group set up that has some very targeted responsibilities, so many of the menu items are hidden from them. However, those sections still show up in the dashboard, so it’s confusing for users in that group.

I recently purchased a fitbit watch (with the almost surely outcome that in the end i’ll go back to my sedentary life) and i think i finally understood that our dashboard is showing too much and not letting people choosing what they want to see.

Widgets seem much better option…clicking on them takes you to the section. the question remains that the dashboard is built based on the data the user has related to it (that is why the admin dashboard is different frmo the user dashoboard) , does that make sense?