Feature - Report dynamicly generated based on filter output

Ok - so we have section reports that pull ALL items in a section and make some charts , what if i adjust the filter on the section to list a few items (irrespective of what columns are shown) and i want the section report to use THAT subset of items, not ALL

we woudl then have the section report on each filter and the charts left as they are today but counters re-adjusted to the items shown on the filter, so for example on the interncal control section chart the following:

would be recalculated based on the filter output, not all items

pretty complex stuff to do based on how the charts are today handled, but it would be intersting perhaps to give a more dynamic view.

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2385

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Hi there guys, supporting this request. In Australia, the government has specific reporting requirements for Cybersecurity, wondering if in future releases to have a more flexiable reporting module where you can pull any information into a report from any module. this would help with the SOA, risks, compliance and operations. it would be nice to customise roperting to suite the client or business requirements, example might be risks, outstanding assessments and projects /tasks

The reporting should be able to support tables, charts or forms with custom logos

hi Paul,

the current reporting feature support tables, charts, custom texts, etc … well to some extent. what are you exactly missing ? can you provide an exact example please of something that you are not able to do with the report functionality?


Guys the current reporting is good, but in certian companies or goverment they will ask for add-hoc reporting, and I would be great to be able to pull in specific information from any module and put into a report to suite management or goverment. happy to share some sample reports, but I will be unable to post here