Feature - Reporting Improvements

So, I’ve been spending some working on reporting over the past week, and there’s a few places where I’ve ended up bonking my head in doing some comprehensive-ish types of reports for risk assessments, but I think these handful of things will be useful across a lot of the different modules. I have gone through many of the reporting posts in the forums here as well, and there may be a little bit of overlap, but there’s also a bit of confusion and delay due to the whole v2 vs v3 reporting features/asks. So here we go!

Allow Section Reports to call other Section’s Filter block
This is similar to the recent charts update, but will do so for filters. My specific use case here is doing an asset based risk assessment and generating the report, I tend to add some “thud” factor in the form of appendices, one of which being a couple views of the asset register. Right now, I have to create that report on the Asset module, then stitch the PDFs together to get my final appendices. This would also be useful in other contexts, for example, when reporting on High Risks, one might want to do a more detailed description of controls/maintenances/audits that are not available from the Asset Risk’s module.

Introduce some macros/variables for Section reports
I understand that the Section report can’t know what Item they are reporting on, so we can’t call a lot of the macros, however, there are some that would be useful. For example, having a date (also, a year and month) variable that we can drop in can make it so we don’t have to re-date the reports if they are run on a scheduled basis. Another macro/variable that would be helpful is the ability to use macros to get counts. For example, when we manually do risk assessments, our executive summary will usually do a statement or table saying X number of risks were reviewed, Y risks were evaluated as high, etc (this might be close - it’s basically using a report filter counter and then dropping that into a variable…).

Allow the user to remove the Status and Reviews column(s) from Section report Filters
This is more a formatting preference - there are times where I just want the filter data and not the sidecar to appear in the report.

Section Report/Chart Filtering
For a given section report (or, perhaps, at the block level?), I want to be able to filter the results at that level. For example, being able to report on risks by business unit (and have the matrix chart… per business unit). This is useful in a couple of cases - being able to generate an individual BU report with their own risk matrix chart, or to do an epic mega report that drones on about all business units.

Item Report Loop
Not entirely sure the best way to implement this - it may be a component of the filtering, but I would want to be able to, for a filtered list of items, loop through a particular item report. Maybe this is a Section report module that applies it → select the item report and filter criteria for the loop. Actually, even being able to drop a single item report into a Section report (by hand) could be helpful as well.

Custom Statuses that are not reportable
This kind of goes with the squelching the status column. For some reports, there may be custom statuses used that should be visible in the UI and drive notifications, but aren’t necessarily statuses you want to have show up in the report - maybe a hide/show toggle on the custom status?.

Bug - Potentially? - Filter Block Content Changes
When changing filter selection on a filter block in the section report, the “Content” will get wiped out even if you’ve already customized it. Say you’re changing the filter from a not so good one to a great one, have to watch out or you’ll lose the pile of words you wrote to go along with it.


ok i’m not fighting this one anymore , got too many requests about it so i guess this is really something that matters.

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/4002

inr ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/4003

The other stuff i did not understood well or is not really feasible, i think is best we do a call about this but David you being a partner we’ll keep in touch. Reporting is one of the three big feature changes for 2023.

Thanks for the write up!