Feature Request - Control Maintenance/Audit Period Shortcuts

EDIT: Ignore this, sorry - someone else posted about this and it’s already on your timeline.

When adding a control, you can specify an audit or execution using “Day” and “Month” fields, which I guess are a shortcut for adding the dates from the execution or audit sections… except they don’t save really save time. It’s a bit tedious to add dates from the controls.

Since you can already explicitly add execution and audit items elsewhere, what would be much more useful is if the control simply had the ability to say “Monthly”, “Every xxx months”, “Yearly”, etc.

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Plus to this one. I also feel the need for “monthly” “quarterly” “bi-annually” etc.

Yes - this is on the list %110 for sure , we need to finish the new webstie, community update … endless list of stuff … but we’ll get there.

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