Feature - Risk chart by business unit


In the risk management option we ca create reports with charts, however we would like to create the risk matrix chart but filtered by each business unit.

Hope you can help me with this requierement.

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I’ve been trying to figure this out as well…

yes is not a bad idea, the word “filter” is not possible because filters do not exist in charts, in particular in this type of chart. the business unit module has risk related charts:

Arent those charts what you need or you are looking for a matrix chart that shows risks for a specific business unit? if to create that chart, it would be located on the business unit module not in the risk module.

I’m looking to produce the Risk Matrix chart based on Business Unit.

When I go into the Business Unit Module and create an item report, the Risk Matrix report is not available from the “Section: Business Unit:” Chart selector. If I change the Section there to “Asset Risk” and select Risk Matrix as my chart, the Risk Matrix will still report ALL risks in the system instead of the ones specific to that item on the item report.

This requires an item chart, not a section on the BU module that shows a matrix with the risks for that particular business unit.

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/3889

Hello, no, what I need is a Risk Matrix chart based on Business Unit, for example “the risks of Human Resources”, showing how many are being treated, the residual risk, etc.


Are you working on this?

nope, if you want to know what we are working on:

  • go to releases
  • open the latest (major) release

you will always find there what our plans are for the next relase.