Feature - Risk Imports (ongoing)

It would be great if you could open up the import functionality to include risks. When initially setting up a business unit their base risks are similar apart from assets and scores. It would be great if I could capture this base info on a spreadsheet that can then be imported into Eramba.

Likewise for someone transferring their existing spreadsheet based risk register it would speed up the process of getting up and running with Eramba

We did not create this as Risk has many relationships and in the end, you would spend a lot of time finding the “Id” of every object. In general imports could be improved by removing the “id” and just let you put the “string” and eramba do its best to find matches.

Let us think on this one please.

Risk imports:

Import ",’ characters issues:

Import for compliance packages:
https://github.com/kisero/eramba_v2/issues/536 (migrate existing imports to the new code)
https://github.com/kisero/eramba_v2/issues/616 (update an existing compliance package)