Feature - risks threat tags and vulnerabilities get populated with asset changes

Anytime I edit an asset risk and add an applicable asset from the drop down, the threat tags and vulernability tags get populated with lots of info which does not make sense to me and I have no idea how to stop.

after adding 1 asset


Has anyone seen this thread?

this is normal behaviour when you modify the assets , those two fields will “recalculate” itself based on the assets “types”

well, how do I turn it off? It messes up my carefully selected threat and vulnerability tags.

you cant, i’ll link it to this existing issue https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2835 so we try to do something about it later on

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we do not like people touching the code or sql, this is very grey area. there are good reasons for that , reasons not easy to understand unless you manage thousands of deployments that ask for support. our tc’s are explicit about this rule.

please do not change code or i will personally void the license permanently