Feature(s) - New 2.x Template Filters

We are collecting on this thread all ideas regarding the new 2.x template, in particular the filters layout. So far the most common feedback we get is:

1/ column width, being able to resize columns by dragging them. Whatever setting is done there must be “remembered” for that user and that filter.

2/ in some columns the string of text is cut off becaue is too long and putting hte mouse over makes no difference , the popup is not shown.

3/ comments on filters are not cut off when they are too long and that messes up the column layout

4/ have the option to order tags in a cell one below the other, not side by side

Int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2067


5/ We want to let users filter by column, a bit like you do when you use with spreadsheets. now they can filter by the whole table.

6/ We want to let users to wrap or not a column text, when not wrapped the row lenght does not adjust and the text after a few characters becomes … and the user must put the mouse over to see the full content of the cell.

This issue is now followed here: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/1971

we got feedback in regards to the quick search functionality, everyone seems to like it but the downside is that it can only search on the CURRENT page. there is a reason for this, the quick search is very fast because all the section data is ALREADY loaded on your browser so the search is super fast.

if you have 100, 200 items loading all data is not slow , but if you have 1000 items it would take long … every time you load the page, edit an item, etc. to avoid waiting at loading and editing time, we use pagination.

so the options are:

a- slow loading and editing , but fast quick search
b- faster laoding and editing, but search no the current page

now everyone is stuck with B , as that is what the system does (when we first launched 2.x you had A). to find a compromise we are thinking on allowing you to choose the pagination size, so if you want to load 1000 items is your choice, by default we’ll stick to 50.

the more items you load on a section, the longer it gets and then you need to use the browser vertical scroll bar:

perhaps what we can do is that every filter will be its own frame … say 50 rows or something and you will scroll the filter NOT the browser scroll.

this would be a per section configuration , so you will leave things as they are or enable filter frames and define the number of rows you want.


As you mentioned earlier, this is a problem for many customers, so why not allow individual configurations for each customer? So those with a few hundred entries will get a quick search of all results.

In our case this is much more effective than re-entering the search word at every page change and clicking on all pages.

yes - this post is precisely about that

It is important for us to have the ability to make a search or sort fields alphabetically across all pages and not just the page you are on, so A for us or at least adjustable per customer

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We have the same issue here. Solution A is preferred or free selection of pagination size.

I’d like the free selection of pagination size.

This is still a major pain and creates major workflow issues. Please make this configurable ASAP and allow customers to choose. It is not efficient at all. A is what is needed.

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@eramba - Can this option be added soon?

we would like to work on UI changes after the summer, but we’ll see how things move forward.

ps. what our next release will include is always disclosed as part of our last release post, our last release was 19 and the post explains what will happen in the immediate future in detail: Release 3.19.0

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