Feature - SaaS version what to do with settings section

We need to deal with the settings menu slightly different than the way we do on enterprise on-prem. This is a summary of all current settings and what we will do in the case of SaaS:

Access Management:

  • Authorization: stays the same
  • Authentication: stays the same
  • Groups: stays the same
  • LDAP Connectors: stays the same, SaaS needs to open outgoing ports for LDAP and LDAP
  • User Management: stays the same
  • Visualisation: stays the same
  • OAuth Connectors: stays the same, SaaS needs to open outgoing HTTPS requests
  • SAML Connectors: stays the same


  • Backup & Restore: remove restore option, leave backup one
  • Reset Database: should work for customers, default db must include all saas settings
  • Backup Configuration: disabled, this is done by aws directly

Debug Settings and Logs:

  • Debug Config: disable it
  • Error Logs and Diagnostics: stays the same
  • Clear Cache: stays the same
  • Help Improve Eramba: disabled this, enable by default


  • Currency: stays the same
  • Custom Logo: stays the same
  • Timezone: stays the same (we host customer stuff, but they can be anywhere in the planet)
  • CSV Delimiter: stays the same
  • Languages: stays the same
  • Dashboard Template: stays the same


  • Mail Configuration: disabled, we will provide default email settings and we will send emails from a single address. For example eramba@cloud.eramba.org
  • Emails In Queue: stays the same


  • Brute Force Protection: stays the same
  • System Health: we will disable it
  • Updates: disabled, customers no longer do updates
  • Queued Jobs: stays the same
  • HTML Purifier: stays the same
  • Public Address: disabled, we manage this value
  • Enterprise Users: stays the same
  • Login Portal Eramba Version: stays the same

Cron Jobs:

  • Crontab: disabled , me manage this for customers
  • Crontab History: stays the same

General Settings:

  • PDF Configuration: disabled, we manage this for customers
  • Webhooks Configuration: stays the same
  • Webhook Requests: stays the same
  • Cache Settings: disabled we manage this for customers

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3484


Are there any special reason for disabling the restore backup option?

I think that it’s a useful tool for testing proposes or to run safety imports. (as it’s not possible to totally delete elements).

I.E. run some trainings over the system (creating dummy data, deleting or editing real data) and after that restore the previous database, run some imports and if there is any mistake restore the previous database.


thanks for the input , we’ll keep it in mind

It would be great to have an email option to send on behalf of your own domain via external mail services like AWS SES or others.


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