Feature - Select users and groups from custom fields, and permanent vertical scroll?

  1. When making Policy exeptions it could be nice to have the posibility to make custom fields where we can choose users from a dropdown that have to react on the exeption or get notified. Will that be possible in the future?

  2. The nice feature “Vertical scroll”. Will it be posible to save that feature in the filter like it will be permanent? I can see the first thing my colleguages due everytime they show something in eramba is to enable this function.

Thanks, have a nice day and take care out there

To us “users” is a bit like “risks” or “Controls” , is just “another section” … if we ever manage to make custom fields pull items from “other sections” it will apply to any sectino, not just users. This has been on the roadmap (long term) for a while, its not particularly hard to code but it gives so much flexibility to the user that is not clear to us what else gets affected by doing this. is these kind of feature that “looks great” at 1000 meters altitude but when you look at the details (we have to do that) is a nightmare. Same happened with “archiving” feature, it was just a mess to get it done right.

for the time being is logged, but will stay there.

It should be permanent per filter / user , isnt working ? please comment on that feature post instead of here so we keep a line.