Feature: send status changes to a control's 'Audit Owner'

I am getting a bit stuck when I try to implement my company’s peer review process for controls in Eramba.

Our process is essentially that the control’s assigned owner reviews their own control,
then a colleague reviews it (a peer reviewer),
and then management review it.

I would like to use custom dynamic statuses and warning notifications to let the peer reviewer and management know that a control is ready for their attention.

Initially, I tried making a custom drop-down field on the Internal Controls > Audits tab, so that a control owner could select ‘Complete Missing Audit’ on their current Audit, and set this drop-down field to notify their colleague (e.g. I made a drop down called ‘Ready for Peer Review’)… but that is not practical because there are several mandatory fields on there (Audit Result, Audit Conclusion, Audit End Date etc…) which it would not be appropriate to set at that point in the workflow, and so the control owner cannot simply set my one custom drop-down field and save the change.

No matter… I tried putting a ‘Ready for Peer Review?’ drop-down field on the parent Internal Control itself. The control owner can set that, and then I have a dynamic custom status of ‘READY FOR PEER REVIEW’ which switches on when they do.
…but the next step didn’t work :frowning: I wanted to create a Notification > Warning > Dynamic Status Change, where the Recipient is the Custom Role > Audit Owner… but you can’t do that. You can only select ‘Control Owner’ or ‘Collaborator’ from the Custom Roles (well, I have renamed ‘Collaborator’ to ‘Additional Control Operators’ in my screenshot)
Would it be possible to have ‘Audit Owner’ as a Custom Role Recipient here please?

no - we dont want to mix things. in my view , trying to make “workflows” based on dropdowns and dynamic status, while logical giving the features you have now, is not the way to go…

workflows are documented and hopefully some day will be public to people: Feature - Bloody User Defined Workflows - #3 by eramba

Ah OK - yes I can see the sense of the proposed feature, and have that as a standard method throughout various modules, rather than just building a lot of hacks :slight_smile:
I am badly in need of this feature, though… :wink: