Feature - "simplify" the review process

A snip on the request:

We configured Eramba to sent out notifications regarding asset reviews
and the reviewers will receive a link to the “Asset Reviews” screen
(with an additional temporary filter for their asset), e.g. a link like
This “Asset Reviews” page does offer the action to complete the missing
review but it lacks all of the asset information details, i.e. the
person in charge to complete the missing review will have to open a
second view by selecting the “Show” option in the “Asset Identification”
column and follow the “Actions → Edit” menu on the resulting page to
see the details such as labels, asset owner, asset classification etc.

int ref: https://eramba.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/11218

The text in the description is only half of the original email. Here is the rest:
This workflow is rather complicated and I am therefore submitting this
request for enhancement to include the information from the “Asset
Identification / Edit item” view inside the “Asset Reviews / Complete
Missing Reviews” action.
Right now the reviewers are confused on what to review and have a hard
time to find the extra page with the asset identification and the
details in the edit view on that page.