Feature - sorting elements in forms, custom fields, filters and headlines

When adding your new fantastic multiply dropdown feature to my custom fields in a form, I found that the fields are beginning to be in a little bad order.
New custom fields that I add are always placed in the bottom of the form. That is not always a logic or user-friendly order.

It would be great if it in the future would be possible to move elements around to get a very logic and nice order. Either with drag and drop like you have in the filters or by giving them a sorting ID-number.


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building something like that would be prohibitively expensive so its a no-go , but looking at the code it seems we sort items by the id (the order in which the drop down labels were created) , we’ll sort them by default as [a-z][0-9]

int ref: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2538

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I would agree with sge. It’s great that I can add custom fields, rename all fields etc., but not allowing the user to reorder based on a logical workflow seems very odd. It does not seem very practical or efficient to put these at the bottom especially if you want to add a sub category or data element to something you already created. Since eramba has been effectively been built as a flexible, dynamic workflow based system, this sees fairly justifiable. I get the “expensive” in terms of possible dev time but having worked for a software company in the past where we implemented a feature like this, I would not think it is prohibitively expensive and should be considered in the near future after your upcoming major updates.

Thanks mbiby.
Reordering does not have to be fancy “drag-move-and-drop” solution like many others GRC systems.
But maybe we could just give every field an “order number” instead


this has been done already on e2.15.0

Please explain, how we can reorder fields by using field ordering numbers, thanks

We did “sorting” , not “re-ordering of fields” , see the title of this request !