Feature - Status on Online Assessment Feedback


We would need to use the question fields (Chapter ID, Question ID) in order to create status over some questions. Should it be possible to add those fields on conditions?

Is probably ok to do this , but the condition will not use a drop down it will use a text field so you must mach exactly the values.

The comparisons to use:

Questionnaire Name: dropdown
Chapter ID, Title, Description: text
Question ID, Title, Description: text

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/3942

No problem, it’s a good first approach.


What happens if a questionnaire is deleted? the filter will stop working as it wont be matching anything? in general, on filters that use dropdowns from other sections, what happens with the filter when these related items get deleted?

@jorge before we embark on this, are you trying to somehow trigger a dynamic status based on the score of a chapter for any given questionnaire?

  • If my OA uses the Questionnaire “Acme” and if the chapter 4 of “Acme” scored < %50 then do this or do that?

I think that the status based on scores can work for this particular use case (as we are not using the scores for anything else).

We will do it for now with scores, so you can priorate your developments on other topics. But, please, keep this in the backlog for the future.