Feature - Third Party Reviews

It would be good if you can add a review button like the assets to third parties.

This would allow the 3rd party sponsors to confirm if the 3rd party is still current or if they have gone on an annual basis.

@eramba Will this feature come soon?

we cant understand the feature, can you please clarify a little bit? :slight_smile:

sure, so in Assets you can have a Review Date for the Asset Owner to review the asset by setting a Notification. It would be helpful to have a Review Date for a Third Party so that the Sponsor can verify/review that the information about the Third Party is still accurate.

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This should be standard practice for Due Diligence with your third parties. If they are a supplier, then you are probably giving them some data or they are giving you some service that could impact the security of your information systems. Companies typically do recurring reviews in this instance (usually every year) to ensure that the security posture has not changed, there were no major system upgrades or changes with the vendor, etc. We are consistently asked by our clients if we do recurring reviews on our vendors. Having a review data (with the associated email reminder using Cron) would be very helpful.