Feature - Tracking Security Bulletins

I’m wanting to ‘Track’ progress of groups of Security Bulletins, e.g. CertUk, CareCert etc. which provide potential Risks e.g. New Ransomware, what it affects, what to do about it.

My first thought was to create a Project, then create a Task for each of the Risk Notifications, but for this i would need ‘Custom Fields’ which as yet is not there.

My other though was to use Asset Risk Management, but that doesn’t allow multiple sub-sections (like Tasks) e.g.

Risk of Ransomware:

  • WannaCry

  • Cr1pT0R

etc, etc,

Does anyone have any ideas that I may be missing?

This needs a proper functionality … and we discussed about doing this (Esteban here) but we are just so busy right now we had no time to actually put this idea in motion. We’ll do a full spec vulnerability functionality towards the end of the year (wishful thinkging now)…

Ref in this forum: Feature - Asset Vulnerabilities (June/July)
Detailed (kind of) functionality: https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1Ckk9TIv4Vhqag5tvg4l5CGwVTyCXNzM_eFsCTA14ZU0/edit?usp=drive_web&ouid=107368610780074372813

Basically…for now, i think there is no proper (and easy) way to do this.