Feature - Update notifications when updates for eramba are avaiable

It would be neat if it was possible to configure email notifications when a new update (settings/update), was available for installation.

right now the responsible admins need to remember to check periodically - it would be a great help to get notified, instead of having to check if anything new is on the list.
could this be done?

this is good input … we are in the middle of a change now when it comes to updates as part of the SaaS rollout which is basically based on containers … so some stuff will change we just dont know what or how.

1/ automatic updates for simple updates (those that do not require database changes)
2/ automatically download update packages on the background to avoid waiting for the download and the upgrade
3/ notifications as you well mentioned that go to specific users defined by you, this could also include other types of warnings such as email issues, system health issues , brute force issues, ldap connectivity issues, license issues

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/3492