Feature - Update tags using Bulk Edit


I’d like to be able to update Tags for risks (using Asset based Risk Management) using bulk edit.

The Bulk Edit screen doesn’t show Tags

like the individual edit does:


Similar issue here: Remove limitations of bulk edit

@ties Did you actually realize that none of the fields are “bulk editable” ?

Did you change the option in the dropbox on the right first?
The remark in red underneath each field changes and explains what is going to happen …

Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 16.51.25
Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 16.51.32


haha !

@ties Similar issue for me, unable to update tags using bulk edit within the asset risk management module. Have you found any work around or does the issue still exist?


Hi Jenswin,

On the General Tab this issue is still there, but on the Analysis Tab you can bulk edit tags.

In my case I was able to link the missing labels via MariaDB by adding entries to the tags-table, but you have to know wat you’re doing or things will break … as always :wink:

Kind regards,

Thanks @ties, appreciate your help :slight_smile: