Feature - updated translations

on 3.24.0, we have updated the translations using a new AI system that in theory is better than the stuff we used in the past. There will be limitations because of AI but also becuase the base english used across in eramba is … you know.

We have translated eramba into:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese

We can consider more languages if requested



Hi Kisero,
we’ve recently translated the default language file with DeepL to German, and we just started the process of manually enhancing the translation yesterday. Is there a release date for 3.24.0 yet? I could imagine
it might be smarter to pause our translation efforts in favor of using your translation as a foundation.
Kind regards

not sure to be honest, wait until you see our translation and then decide what is best

Our organisation is looking for a Dutch translation. We tried to translate it ourselves, but one problem we’re experiencing is that Eramba automatically makes certain words plural across the whole system. In Dutch this doesn’t work: we usually add ‘en’ to make words plural instead of ‘s’. Is there a solution for this or are there any plans to make a Dutch translation?


In the upcoming version, you will find translations for both singular and plurals. it won’t be hardcoded ‘s’ anymore. I hope that helps.

Hi community,
I’m new here. I’m evaluating the product (good vibes at the moment) learning and playing with the online trial. A simple question about translations. Any plan to have italian translation in one of the future release?


we included a few translations on the last release , no plans to add more for the time being.

you can create your own translations and upload them to eramba, just follow the documentation.

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I’am working on it this moment. When it’s ready I’ll bring it to the community

Kind regards, Johan

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Hi Sam, in the translation file I see there are some words added in their plurals. However, it doesn’t do anything. If you translate these plurals, it will still use the ‘singular translation + s’ across the system, for example in the top bar of a page.

Have you been able to reproduce this issue?


Unfortunately no. We are releasing version 3.24.0 this week and it has newly translated translation files. Please test with this one.

Hi Sam, still not fixed. It is still adding the +s to the main tabs (e.g. ‘Asset risk’, ‘Control’) after changing it in the translation file.

Hello @PDB ,

You mean this, right?

Now I understand, creating an issue to fix it.

Int. ref.: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/4726

It should be quick fix, we will try to push it into hotfix 3.24.1

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