Feature - Upload Compliance Analysis Mappings

When you upload your compliance packages you need to think , for each compliance package item what internal control , policies, etc you plan to use.

We recommend doing all that on a spreadsheet to document controls, polciies as csv import fiels…that makes the job a lot easier as all that can be imported as a CSV

Documentation for the steps described above here

The trouble is that you can import:

  • compiance package
  • controls
  • policies

but you can not import the relationship in between them…so for that we need to add on the compliance analysis section an “Add / Import” option:

Where the user is allowed to import a CSV with the following fields:

Compliance Item ID (our database, not the package ID) plus all options on the edit model:

Github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba_v2/issues/2506

Many thanks to our Australian community for funding this development

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done on e2.13.0