Feature - Uploading Maintenance files automatically to Eramba (due for r63)

Is there a way to upload a file to a chosen maintenance module defined by a date? I have a python script that collects the information needed, now I’m trying to set it up so I can grab the file, and upload it to the correct place in Eramba.

Right now it seems that while I’m catching the API POST calls, it also needs some tokens.
Here is the screenshot: Screen Shot on 2018-07-04 at 15:11:09.png - Droplr

Can you please give me a tip on how to successfully upload a file to Eramba SecurityServices Maintenance tab via Python?

This is really needed as more and more of us automate testing and mantainances and want the evidence to be uploaded, the right way to do this is expanding the API to support attachments…correct me if i understood wrong and i’ll check with devs what that means in time!

ps. what i do now is i upload my evidence in another repo (that supports apis) and in eramba i put in the conclusion an “appeneded” url to those files.

Yes, so what I’m trying to do is doing a POST request to /attachments/addAjax/SecurityServiceMaintenance/552 (Where 552 is the id of my maintenance block I want the csv file to be uploaded), but as I understand this is not possible at this point?
I can see POST request being done from the client when uploading a file manually. I was trying to follow the same path, but it seems to be using tokens which are changing every time there is something uploaded, so I assume I cannot do this programmatically?

One idea I came up right now, is if I upload the files directly to database? Would this be possible without breaking anything?

Is there an update on this? Any word from the devs?

hello Kristian,

attachments are stored on the file system, not db (in the db there is a reference to the files and the object they relate). we’ll work on expanding the API to support attachments once we complete the new template which could be a month or two.

i dont recommend pushing things on the db as you will most likely end up breaking the app (the new template changes the way attachments are stored).

sorry but i guess for now you’ll need to store files outside or wait a little longer until we can expand the api


we had a chat today, we’ll hold templates for a couple of days and do the attachment API , end of next week if we are lucky should be there (we almost never get lucky)

I hope this works!

Ok - update on this one, we realised as we worked on this that the change on the new template is too large to accommodate this fix now, we’ll need to wait until the new template is finished to include this.

I gotcha. Right now I will upload files to Google drive and just leave a link to the right date in Eramba. Just need to figure out how to automate it all. Right now i’m thinking of using a file name which has a date and Securityservice name and it will compare with the data from api calls to see which ID is correct (SS maintenance ID). hoping to get it running in next few weeks. Once thats done, we can fully automate all maintenances and only audit our work. saves ton of office hours from the rest of the company in the long run.

hello !

api’s for attachment: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tIdcX622qxvck3F9rg7KJHhrl5xOfrXv/view
api’s for comments: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p1GOo_KGK5raridLDSHrYfYrFzWSns7Y/view?usp=sharing

This is already built in on the new template