Feature - US Localization (Due for 17th April)

Requesting that several terms be spelled/formatted into US English, or have US localization option available.

Terms like:

Catalogue -> Catalog
Analysed -> Analyzed
Dates to M/D/YY

Several of the “help” popups also have misspellings (Ex: Policy Exceptions -> Third Parties has “requirment”)

The “Security Services Catalogue” page also says utilised where US version is utilized.

And this is a big one that I hate to bring up… Eramba uses the term “audit” in ways that they aren’t used in the US. At least in my experience, an “audit” follows the IIA Red Book, GAGAS Yellow Book, or other audit standard. Eramba suggests an “audit” when I believe it should say “security review” or “process review”.

Hello Andrew,

eramba is used in many countries, unfortunately we cant use terms that suit each one of them as its insanely complex process and truly time consuming! In fact, as of 2017 we will be removing translations as so far the community has been quicker in spotting issues than providing fixes!

as for the grammar issues, I’ll open a separate thread where we invite you and everyone else to post issues we have not yet corrected (we worked with someone addressing some of them already). We need the url and exact text with grammar issues. I’ll log a case to work on this once we complete many changes.


As for the date format, i’ve recorded an issue as there should be a plugin we can use for that. Once we complete workflow we’ll see how to do this.



ps. the subject needs to be uniform to our format please! I’ve corrected it.

Hmm… Your links above don’t seem to be working.

I’ll add that the “New user page” uses the term “Surname” which is not frequently used in the US. We generally use the term “Last Name”.


Links are private, they are used for our tracking of customer issues.

The surname/last name thing as we said we cant localise things for US or any other country, we typically fallback on British English!