Feature - user account notifications based on portal

on e3.15.1:

if i want to create a notification that triggers when a user is created and the user is only ment to use a single portal, for example “Online Assessment” i still have to rely on the generic notification that triggers when the account is created no matter what portals the account has assigned.

it would be good to have notifications sent for every type of portal:

  • Only Main Portal Users
  • Only OA Portal Users
  • Only Account Reviews Portal Users
  • Any Portal Users (current notification we have now)

So if i create an account with only OA portal access , the “Only OA Portal” notification would trigger, not the others. This is useful because the subject and body then can be further customised to the type of audience these portals get.

If the account then is updated and portals are updated, the notification should not trigger since the account only applies when the account is “Created”.

github: https://github.com/eramba/eramba/issues/3826
int ref: https://eramba.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/19814