Feature - Visualizing Asset Relationships

It would be great if Eramba could build a visualization of the relations between Assets, potentially even including risks (using color), controls and policies (but even a visualization of just the Asset would already be really helpful). The Cytoscape JavaScript library makes these visuals really easy to make, I just it myself a couple of times, for example, to show the relationship between of Legal Entities:



please check the documentations - assets dont hold such dependency relationships!

there is a post here were we discussed implementing tree structures for assets, but is not on the roadmap yet.


The value assets is available in an asset (screenshot from the community version) and does sounds like a relation between assets not?

yes - but is a flat non-hierarchical relationship!


If this relation would be defined/used as a pure parent relationship (parent or parents of this asset) you would be able to get a full hierarchical relationship not? While MySQL doesn’t come with any good native graph queries I think it doesn’t directly request any modifications.