Feature - Webhook URL Macro Variables

When working with Webhooks, different receiving systems will treat HTML encoding differently, therefore, there should be an option for URL Macros to either be a straight text URL or an HTML encoded URL. Currently, the URL Macros (i.e. Section URL, Item URL) produce an HTML formatted link.

This was noticed from using the Slack webhook notification where it ignored the HTML encoding and then hyperlinked the URL on its own. Below is the example output received when using the Section URL Macro.

The maintenances for the following controls are due in the next 10 days: External Vuln Scan. Please visit <a href="https://eramba.somedomain.com/security-service-maintenances">Section URL</a> to review open maintenances.

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I found a workaround waiting for a real solution: use the macro ID to build a raw url :confused:

Using Slack chat.postMessage, a content like this :

  "channel": "YOUR_CHANNEL",
  "text": "Eramba - <https://YOUR_ERAMBA_URL/projects?advanced_filter=1&id=%PROJECT_ID%#|%PROJECT_TITLE%>"