Features - Vendor Assessments

We have been exploring the new Vendor Assessment, Wonderful feature.

1- The comment that comes up everytime I do a demo… should have been named : Assessments … because it can be used for so much more than just “Vendor” assessments

  • Add Select Assessment type (What are you assessing. ex. Asset, Procedure/Policy, Vendor … )
  • Select the associated item

2- Answer Options: Add the possibility of using multiple answers (checkbox, select all that apply … )

3- Authentication : Add the same authentication options from the policy portal.


%500 agreed with you…i’m quite pissed we made that decision and it has to do that we are running a project without having one single person on the team with native english skills. I’ll check with marek how easy (im sure is not) to change at least the menu and texts.

Just to confirm, you mean that on the drop-box option they can select MORE than one? i can review that … is funny, we had that before and i put it out because people would say is confusing :slight_smile:

The policy portal allows:

  • no authentication (that wont work with VA as we need to know who is completing stuff)
  • drop down where you select which LDAP connector you want to use (is this what you refer to?)

Thanks for the feedback Rene!!

Here’s the following example, in our form (previously a word format), we asked the following question. What type of data will be hosted, select all that apply… The workaround currently is to split each value in several individual questions… converting took some time.

Question 1.1 - Does the application contain - biometric data
Question 1.2 - Does the application contain - drivers licence ID
Question 1.3 …

This particular question has 25 possible answers… an I have about 10 of these types of questions.

The problem I see with adding a multi select option… is how do you apply the Score and Weight

Should have been more precise with this one, and your response makes a lot of sense, we want to know who answered.
The ldap connector would work great with internal teams, when performing internal assessments (see #1) would avoid having to create an account for every assessment.

as for external vendors… how would you deal with having to manage 30+ accounts for your suppliers…
adding the possibility of entering an external email address and having the application send out a randomized link to that user. ?

We are changing the name on the new template to “Online Assessments” and a ton of changes on the interface are also completed as part of the new template.