Filters Default Limit is 100 - too little many times and very confusing

The new template limits the number of results to 100 by default, so when you are using a filter, many times looks like you are missing data but actually is just because is limited.

this is an issue in sections where many items are shown on a filter, compliance packages for example have hundreds of items…

we will change that logic to expand the default filter to 1000, but in the meantime you can do that by yourself:

1/ click on manage to edit the filter
2/ to to sort and expand the filter, maxium is 500 (we’ll expand this to 1000)

3/ you can click filter and the filter will show all results until 500 items OR you can click on manage and then on save to keep the filter always at 500 limits.

the next release will have a fix for this usability issue by expanding hte limits to 1000 by default and showing this condition on the filter as labels.

i hope this helps!

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