GDPR Online Trainings


I feel confident i understand GDPR stuff quite ok (I’ve spent quite some time analysing the law and white papers to design our new GDPR functionalities) but anyway im looking for formal trainings to have a second opinion on my understanding.

I’m considering:


They are quite an investment for a small organisation like eramba, has anyone any experience with any of this two or in general with online trainings? (wife forbids any further trip)

Once i go trough the trainings i plan to open a session for enterprise customers for free with the stuff i learned.


We are also considering several offers for similar investments in training courses for GPDR… however since there are local implementations that are to be fitted/adapted to any specific country (Article 29), we are waiting for the Danish government to draft its implementation, before shipping anybody off to get educated :slight_smile:

In DK there are a lot of law firms that give free seminars(participation has cost … submitting contact info) on how you should prepare for the upcoming draft, and how to get a head start… i’ve head from other countries(UK/NL) that similar activities are conducted.

kind regards

Ever end up picking a training plan? Any recommendations?

Yep - we completed our 5 day online training a couple of weeks ago.

Last weekend we completed also our “guide” to GDPR and how our GDPR functionality will look like. (“European Union GDPR” chapter provides a quick introduction)

Next week we had in mind sending out an invite to all our customers for a webex introduction to GDPR and the features we designed.

Which online training did you end up taking and do you recommend it for others? I’d really like to deep dive into GDRP.

Not bad, but is hard to follow a 5 day online training. The other thing is that is very “soon” to take this trainings as many things are not yet resolved…so perhaps it would be good to consider waiting a couple of months.

Would like to recommend [free of charge] National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST Special Publication 800-171: [US Department of Commerce] as an internal control framework of requirements for Access Control; Awareness & Training; Audit & Accountability; Configuration Management; Identification and Authentication; Incident Response; Maintenance; Media Protection; Personnel Security; Physical Protection; Risk Assessment; Security Assessment; System and Communications Protection; and System and Information Integrity. Appendix D maps these NIST requirements to ISO27001 and NIST Special Publication 800-53 [Security Controls]. You get a complete framework of internal controls and it’s FREE. Remember to update your Personal Data Breach Response Plan to notify supervisory authority within 72 hours! Hope this helps!