General - MySQL Performance

today i was looking at improving performance on MySLQ with the new template and found out that the cache buffer size without the cache buffer type really does not make any difference.

compliance analysis page took some 7300ms , out of that 120-130ms is mysql queries (against a localhost SSD disk) to be processed, once i setup these two together times went down 10 times to 8-9ms

query_cache_size = 64M
query_cache_type = 1

These two made a difference … but is still negligent compared to the time it takes rendering (the cake stuff that shows you the page). working out rendering times could perhaps be done with catching but that in the other hand brings other problems…so we’ll keep investigating.

We tested today with a huge AWS instance if rendering (the process that takes %90 of the loading time) would be reduced and … nope. nothing. We dont think eramba is slow, we are just looking at ways to improve the new template.