General - Pci 3.2.1 (not 3.2)

does anyone have a compliance package for 3.2.1 , not 3.2? changes are minimum but still … we also want to include the implementation guides as a column.

update, we are creating one with the full testing process and guides.

is public now:


Can you share a link of where I can download the PCI-DSS V3.2.1 compliance template pictured above please?


What is the link for the compliance packages?

Found it here:

Please dont use eramba without understanding (not just reading documentation) how eramba works ! if you are unsure on how eramba works - ask!

10 years ago when we built eramba we learned how to move from spreadsheets to grc - painful experience, we documented on our implementation guides and documentation every single thing we learn out of that … use it !

If you need clarification on how to implement let us know we’ll try to help:

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On my end the PCI-DSS 3.2.1 package there is a lot of formatting errors (words are combined together and the character ’ is not recognized - don’t have the same issue with the 3.2 package.

Tried using LibreOffice, Excel Online Viewer, and Office Excel. Not sure what encoding the csv was done with, but tried switching from UTF-8 to international formats and still sees the same issue.

See the screenshot below:

Anyone else see the same issue?

Would like to mention that on import Eramba sees the same

Its a CSV , feel free to improve it and share it back to the community!

Gotcha thanks, just wanted to make sure I was not going crazy :smiley:

One side note is that there is a character limit to the Item Name field:

It cuts off and does not allow for additional characters.

Yes - the name should be short … is a bit like the title. Perhaps you should use the description field for that?

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Will just work with that, it’s fine since we can reference the original item number.

I went ahead and spent some time fixing up the csv, although I am restricted from uploading csv’s on this forum. Would love to share.

csv format is forbidden by the forum (cant tell why), so make it a zip and you will be able to uplaod it !

I can’t add a zip either, think I might be in a limited permission group

Here is modified .csv file.
All credits to @fernando