Important - copyright infringment - legal actions

Gursimran Jeet S Tiwana purchased a license on behalf of a Norwegian company but then we understand that he ended up using it on an Australian (NSW) company under the name of “Rabbon” ( breaching our license.

Rabbon then claimed on their website that our GRC tool was built by them "%100 in Australia”, renamed it to “ORCA GRC” and bluntly changed our terms and conditions to clearly state they own the product (another breach).

We got video recordings, conversations where Mr. Tiwana clearly admits the wrongdoing, Etc…we offered him to come clean to the community, he ignored us.

Recordings made the day we discovered this: stolen eramba (use descriptions to fw) - YouTube

Our solicitors are advising us on what action we can take. In the context of its claims in relation to our eramba software Rabbon is lying, please do not engage with them.

Please share this post to make sure these people have no place in an industry that is meant to build trust among partners and people.

Some snapshots of the full video:


Esteban writing - i’m the guy that spent 8 years working for free for this project to exist

I believe security is about building trust. We collect us much evidence as possible to back the idea that customers and partners can trust us and engage in business with confidence

If your bank would be caught in endless security issues, would you trust them? Would you engage in business with them?

I frankly cant believe a “security company” led by a “security expert” that worked for top companies can be so naive to believe he would not get caught. So i personally believe, he is a crook.

If you are in Australia - BE AWARE!

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I suggest you also publish this notice in the ISO 27001 Google Group, its a pretty active group: