Importing policy exceptions

We’ve previously had a home-grown policy exception process that I’m moving to eramba.
I’ve successfully imported a number of policy exceptions using CSV import (including custom fields), but not sure how to proceed with the last couple of fields.
The fields are comment fields (from the reviewer of the requested exception) and thus lend themselves towards being Comments in eramba.
BUT there doesn’t appear to be a way to import comments (least of all to attach them to a policy exception).

Before I manually enter/copy+paste the 78 comments against each exception, can someone confirm there currently isn’t a way to automate this?
I’m happy to use API’s/json files if that would work (being still in experimental mode, I often “delete everything and start again” hence why I’ll need to be sure I’ve completed all my testing + config setup before I commit to manually entering the comments!).

Nigel Hanson
Trimble Inc