Integration - eramba Accounts Review with Google Workspace Admin

Enhancing our GRC processes requires continuous monitoring and review of user accounts. Many of you use Google Workspace as your primary user management system.

Today, to help you automate the review process, We’ll guide you through creating two scenarios.

This workflow will save you time by automating the routine task of generating and updating the account review feed, allowing your team to concentrate on analysis and decision-making.

For more information about the eramba Account Reviews module, you can read our documentation: Account Reviews | Eramba learning portal

Scenario 1: Creating the Account Review Feed

  1. Google Workspace Admin: Use this module to list all users in your Google Workspace.

  2. Transform to CSV: Aggregate the listed user data into a CSV format with the three expected columns: Account (email), Administrator (yes/no), and Suspended (yes/no).

  3. Create an Account Review Feed: Make a Basic Auth request to eramba’s API to send the CSV file to the Account Review module. Documentation: REST APIs | Eramba learning portal

Scenario 2: Updating the Account Review Feed Daily

  1. Google Workspace Admin: Similar to the creation scenario, list all users.

  2. Transform to CSV: Convert the user data into a CSV with the same column structure. It has the same configuration as in the previous scenario.

  3. Update Accounts Review Feed: Use eramba’s API to update the Account Review feed with the newly generated CSV, now using the Edit API Call. Documentation: REST APIs | Eramba learning portal

  4. Schedule: Schedule the according to be executed on daily bases.

About and Alternatives

For those of you who may be new to , it’s a versatile automation platform that allows users to connect different applications and create complex workflows with ease. The platform is intuitive and requires no coding skills, making it accessible for GRC professionals looking to streamline their processes.

Should you prefer to explore other options or if doesn’t fit into your tech ecosystem, there are several alternatives you might consider, such as Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, or These platforms also offer a wide array of integrations and automation capabilities, so you can select the one that best aligns with your company’s requirements and preferences.

Please note that the scenarios provided here are examples designed to illustrate the potential of automation and integration tools like . They demonstrate how you can seamlessly connect eramba with MS Teams, which is just one of the many possible applications. The same principles and steps can be applied to integrate eramba with a variety of other tools and services that you may use within your organization.

By understanding the workflow and logic behind these examples, you can tailor these integrations to suit your unique operational needs, whether that’s for communication platforms, project management tools, customer support software, or any other systems central to your GRC processes. The aim is to inspire you to explore the full capabilities of these powerful tools and to encourage you to customize them in ways that best support your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.