License Breach - Download links changed

We never really cared about hiding the TGZs were the community or enterprise app is hosted (we use aws s3) until recently someone made a docker and published both links to the entire world.

We were forced to change things - if you need to download eramba (for most of you it should not be necessary) you can access , by submitting your license (if it is valid, that is is not expired) you can access download pacakges (tgz, vm, etc)

This change is effective since yesterday

What is the currently published available package v1.x.? or V2.x? the file downloaded from for Latest Enterprise TGZ is giving me errors (There are some data after the end of the payload data)

Is there published information regarding the offiline update feature ? (These packages are used to update eramba in off-line mode, these only works with those customers that pay an additional fee on top of the enterprise edition)


v1.x is no longer public for a month already , only community users are using it (we’ll migrate them soon). The latest enterprise package should be shown to you under system / settings / updates (and it should be 2.0.9).

the offline update feature will be made public this month, it will come at an additional yearly fee cost as we need to prepare updates manually. check with for fees.