Need for compliance package for SWIFT CSP? (closed)

Hi all

Is there a need for a compliance package for the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework? I’m currently building the import file for us. If there are others interested I will finish the csv otherwise I will add the missing information directly in Eramba (the item details and item audit questions are not really complete yet).


Never heard of it Fabian!

Applicable only for SWIFT customers (which consist of banks / Financial intermediaries etc.), thus a very limited group anyway.

got many of them over there :slight_smile:

do let us know if you need help with that !

Alright, it’s done quite quickly, however I’ll just need to check the use of the detailed fieds, that’s not really clear at first sight in the documentation. Anyway it’s easily identifiable as I’m using e.g. the ISO 27 package already.

just fyi. I made now a package out of the SWIFT controls framework, if anyone wants it raise your hands.

We could put it on the web if you are ok with that?

Yes, no problem. Do you want it per mail? It’s not that big, only 27 controls I think.

sure! mail or here is fine!
Thanks Fabian!

Hi Fabian,

Can you send me SWIFT CSP package, please?

Hi Ondrej,

You can find it our documentation here :