New Services - Implementation Workshops

Today we’ll launch implementation workshops, delivered online at a fixed, one time fee (in line with our license pricing model). In line with our business model we always avoid squeaky time + materials surprises

You can download detailed service offering and delivery guides. They explain exactly what we do, how we do it, how long it should take at what fixed price.

The ROI is evidently good. Completing the video based, online training for Risk Management would take a user around 8-15 hours of youtube and some reading. Add to add the implementation and the inevitable trial and error of beginners. You are looking at 15-30 Hours. All our packaged services deliver results in 6 hours.

Where possible, we’ll deliver these services with the help of our worldwide partners, this enables us (and them) to work closely (in your language and cultural environment) with customers at the most critical phase of a GRC software implementation lifecycle, the first steps.

Workshops take 6 hours to deliver - as we deliver them in conjunction with the customer and record all sessions we ensure quality, transparency and the chance to review at any time what was done and how.

As we work on these services, i’m sure we’ll learn how to adjust delivery guides, the time it takes to deliver them and pricing. With practice comes the efficiencies. But we believe this is a good starting point.

You can purchase these services online at our website: Paid Services | Eramba

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