Next Release r36 (release 47)

Hello There,

Release 36 will include:

  • Advanced filters, this means many more options are available when you use filters, including negative searches, etc.
  • Bulk actions, you can edit and delete multiple objects at the same time
  • Trash, all “deletions” go to a trash and dont get removed any longer
  • Workflows, are gone, from everywhere. No more popup when you edit, no “Draft” status, Etc.
  • Visualisation changes, from now on you only see objects where you are member (risks on your name, controls on your name, Etc). You can “Share” objects if you want to override this settings.

Then we work on smaller things too:

  • Remove login page for portal when no authentication is enabled
  • More than 10 comments on a single object break the UX
  • LDAP connector error check to prevent awareness module doing strange things
  • Risk reviews have a small bug displaying dates

We’ll update this post, we might add more things and for sure this week we’ll include a video showing how stuff looks like.

For June we have the following:

  • GDPR module
  • New Dashboards (we’ll do one part)
  • “Smaller” corrections

For July:

  • Workflows
  • “Small” corrections
  • A week of holidays
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This release is getting more complicated than we expected , in particular because filters are huge and affect many things.

We are hoping to complete the release this week and deliver it next Monday. We have included many smaller fixes not listed here too.

What will the GDPR module look like? I’ve been trying to figure out how I can fit a lot of the GDPR info under “Data Assets Analysis”, which might be the wrong approach.

hello !

the module was presented a couple of months ago and will be on Data Asset Analysis, our documentation is starting to reflect that functionality (we have not completed it yet).

This will be part of release 37 (we are releasing 36 next week), once we get closer to the release we’ll update the documentation.


Hello Everyone,

Its been a very complicated release, it has 800 commits and 860 files changed…so literally we have worked on this non stop every weekend and most nights !

Yesterday (Sunday 25th June) we started building the install package but found some issues with php 5.4 (which we need to keep back compatibility because some people still uses it) … if today in the morning we fix it and the install goes smooth, we’ll release it today.

Thanks for the patience!

Thanks Esteban, appreciate the hard work.

Very much looking forward to this update, especially looking forward to a more nimble editing process without the editing verification popups :slight_smile:

is there an updated ETA on update availability?


Its almost there … i almost made it public yesterday 1am but we found a small thing we are correcting right now … by lunch/afternoon it should be out…we’ll see.

Believe me, we want this out and finally have a weekend free very much :slight_smile:

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it seems to be working well, we have just updated (admin / alphanumeric1) and it looks ok. We are doing a few more tests on the install side , we might shift it for Monday because we have a policy of no updates on Friday, and this one is quite big one.

I’m really sorry for the time it toke all this, but is by far the most complicated and largest update we ever did and we want to make sure is not disruptive.