Off-Topic - Gartner named eramba 2020 Cool Vendor

well i guess we are finally cool at something !

thank you community and Gartner for this comforting shoulder tap.

as we always say, we know we are far from ideal but we also know we work hard and as honest as it gets to deliver a solution at the best possible cost.

thank you for your support!

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This is good news! Do you have a link to that info? I’m trying to place eramba as a serious product at a customer and this information would help a lot.

haha…i know what you mean :slight_smile:

yes , gartner issued a “report” but is paid and they told me that we need to pay some fee to be able to re-share it … i have a courtesy copy but i cant distribute it without getting in trouble. i’ll find out the fee and let you know.